The Mark Butler Show

The Mark Butler Show

Solopreneurship by the numbers.

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    EP61: "I made this for you. Do you want it?"

    I stole that line from Seth Godin's new book, "This is Marketing." That one phrase -- "I made this for you. Do you want it?" -- captures so much about what it takes for new (and established) business owners to get out of their heads and into the real work of marketing. Episode 61 talks through the vulnerability and confidence it takes to stop fretting at your desk and start talking to the people you hope to serve.

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    EP56: Beware of false financial finish lines.

    Some of your long term income and savings goals may be false financial finish lines. Episode 56 talks about making sure you're on the right track for the right reasons.

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    EP53: Go where your people are.

    I went to a six-day life coach training this week. The content was amazing, the connections and conversations were even better. There's nothing like getting into the same physical space as your ideal clients, spending quality time, and building relationships.

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    EP48: Action, Observation, Simplification, Documentation, Delegation

    This week I've been listening to a book called 'Work the Process' that reminded me that our lives and businesses are a system of systems. In this episode I share the system I've used to delegate some of the most complicated tasks in my business without any loss of quality or consistency.

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    EP41: How to figure out how much you can afford to spend on marketing.

    Your goal (and mine) should be to steadily and profitably increase the amount we spend on marketing. But there's no simple calculation that will tell you exactly what you can afford to spend. Episode 41 talks about how you can use quantitative and qualitative analysis to set your marketing budget with confidence.

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    EP30: Bookkeeping 101: A simple daily bookkeeping workflow.

    Daily bookkeeping will a) keep your financials perfectly accurate and current, b) help you develop fluency in the language of business quickly, and c) maintain your financial stress at an all-time low. And it only take 5-10 minutes per day.

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    EP27: Bookkeeping 101: The Transactions are the Truth

    This is the first in a multi-part series where I'll teach the fundamentals of bookkeeping with the goal of persuading you that you can (and want to be) your own bookkeeper.

    In this episode I start with the basic unit of all bookkeeping: a single transaction.

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    EP26: Choose to be profitable.

    Your business is a creative outlet, a passion project...maybe even your life's work. That's why it has to be profitable, and profit is a choice.

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    EP25: Forget the finish line, let's chase the freedom line.

    I've watched my friend Phil grow a company that carried him across the financial finish line. Turns out being 'finished' isn't all it's cracked up to be. Episode 25 talks about crossing the 'freedom line' instead of the 'finish line.'

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    EP13: How to scale as a solopreneur.

    When we talk scale what we're really talking about is getting disproportionate results from our inputs. The obvious way to scale is to hire, but many of us want to maintain a very small team or no team at all. This is our path to scale.

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    EP11: Why I'm not quitting my day job.

    My 'day job' is my one-on-one freelance bookkeeping and CFO business. Here's why I won't quit offering the service...even if my products end up paying me a full-time income.

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    EP09: A compelling argument for making my new program free.

    Last week I launched Let's Do the Books, a video+webinar+software offer that helps up and coming solopreneurs master their business and personal finances. In episode nine I outline a strong argument for making a big chunk of the program completely free.

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    EP03: My $200,000 Product Plan

    I'm launching a new product. My plan is to have it bring in $200,000 within 12 months of launch. This is how I plan to make it happen.

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